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Palace on Wheels

Schedule of Palace on Wheels (Palace on Wheels is a weekly departure from September through April each year. It departs from Delhi on every Wednesday.): -

7 Nights Palace On Wheels Train Tour Departures in 2016 – 18
MONTH Dates from March ’16 to Apr ’18
March – 2016 2,9,16,23,30
April – 2016 6,13,20,27
September – 2016 7,14,21,28
October – 2016 5,12,19,26
November, 2016 2,9,16,23,30
December, 2016 7,14,21,28
January, 2017 4,11,18,25
February, 2017 1,8,15,22,29
March, 2017 1,8,15,22,29
April – 2017 5, 12, 19, 26
September – 2017 6 , 13 , 20 , 27
October – 2017 4 , 11 , 18, 25
November, 2017 1, 8, 15 , 22 , 29
December, 2017 6, 13, 20, 27
January, 2018 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
February, 2018 7, 14 , 21, 28
March, 2018 7, 14 , 21, 28
April – 2018 4, 11, 18, 25

About Palace on Wheels: –
Embark on Palace on Wheels for an accomplished experience of tour to India. The Palace on Wheels is reckoned among the top ten luxury rail tours in the world. Taking you through the royal destinations in India including Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bharatpur and Agra, the heritage train will make your journey in India a special experience of a lifetime.

Winding through the stunning forts and palaces of Rajasthan, the heritage train Palace on Wheels chugs off to Agra, where you will find yourself absolutely engrossed in the whole ambiance that is steeped in glory and regal charm. It will be a sheer pleasure for you to explore the intricacies of the white marble beauty ‘Taj Mahal’ outside and the lavish interiors of the Palace on Wheels inside, which are in perfect sync with one another and create two absolute different worlds of wonder.

You can bask in the charm of Pink city Jaipur to the charisma of the majestic sands of Jaisalmer with ease while travelling onboard the Palace on Wheels. A tour to the hinterland of India like Bharatpur and Sawai Madhopur will also become so much fun that you would hanker after more such experiences on your next tour. Sawai Madhopur is most sought-after destination for its wildlife reserve ‘Ranthambhor’ and Bharatpur has a renowned bird sanctuary that abounds in distinct species of domestic and migratory birds.
For a fascinating experience of a heritage train journey in India, you must board the Palace on Wheels at least once in your life. The heritage tour will be concluded in 7 days, marking the beginning of the tour from the capital city of India called Delhi. The train usually leaves on every Wednesday around 1830 Hrs in the evening. After a week, the journey comes to an end on Wednesday during 0730 hrs in the morning.

According to the Palace on Wheels itinerary, you would leave from Delhi on day 1. On day 2, you will be in Jaipur and on day 3 you will be touring across Sawai Madhopur and Chittorgarh. Destinations like Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bharatpur and Agra will be covered in following 4 days. On day 8, you will be taken back to Delhi.

Note: – Itinerary and the program schedule can be changed without any prior notice by the Palaces on Wheels management

S. No Day Sectors Programme
01 Wednesday Delhi – Safdarjung Station
Departure: 1830 Hrs
You will be treated like Maharaja & Maharani on welcome by garlanding, Tikka and turban with glass of wine. The Capital city of modern India a city known for its rich valorous and exotic history. Once the fabled city of the heroes of the Mahabharata and ruled by the Rajputs before they were displaced by foreign invaders. The tour starts in the evening with a ceremonial welcome aboard the Palace on Wheels at Safdarjung New Delhi. You will be introduced to your fellow travelers. Feel free to explore your new palace, and acquaint yourself with its various facilities. Relax with a drink at the bar. Dinner will be served on board in its two restaurants.
02 Thursday Jaipur
Arrival: – 0345 Hrs AM
Departure: – 2000 Hrs
In Jaipur your tour begins at the Hawa Mahal (Palace of wind) followed by the amazing Jantar Mantar- an Astronomical Observatory, to be explored at leisure.
The home of the erstwhile rulers. The city palace is now a museum of full royal splendor. Jaipur also offers a great shopping experience since the city is the country’s capital as far as handicrafts are concerned.
This includes a very extensive range as well as a major International center of cutting and polishing of Gems and stone. Also Also the Jaipur is known all over the world for hand block printing on textile. Lunch at Amber Fort. Soon after reaching Amber you can enjoy the festively decorated elephant for a ride up to the fort.
After lunch, visit Amber Fort for viewing the best example of a splendid fusion of Rajput and Mugal style of Architecture.
The hall of victory at Jai Mandir has a stunning ceiling adorned with mirror work on inlaid panel. Return back to train by bus for freshning up. After resting awhile enjoy a sumptuous dinner on board.
New Arrangement from this season-
• Lunch venue at famous Amber Fort
03 Friday Sawai Madhopur
Arrival: – 0530 Hrs AM
Departure: – 1020 Hrs
Sawai Madhopur The Ranthambhore National Park at the junction of the Aravali and the Vindhyas is a unique juxtaposition of natural and historical richness, standing out conspicuously in the vast, arid and denuded tract of eastern Rajasthan, barely 14 Kms from Sawai Madhopur.
The 1000 year old Ranthambhore Fort sits atop a high hill, the only remains of the historical summer palace.
Three big lakes- Padam Talav, Malik Talav and Raj bag- are like turquoises studded in a vast tract. Though a delicate eco system, Ranthambhore is dynamic in its diversity and density of fauna. Tiger lord over the forestlands. Quite naturally tiger sighting is always a matter of chance, though evidences of its activities are equally exciting.You may also have the opportunity to see 24 different species of mammals, including spotted deer, sambhar, wild boar, Indian Gazel, Jungal cat, Panthers, Jackal, Hyenas, Sloth bears, as well as almost 300 different kind of birds.Return back to Palace on Wheels. Breakfast on Board. Lunch on Board.
December, 2014 3,10,17,24, 31 Chittorgarh
Arrival: – 1600 Hrs
Departure: – 0200 Hrs AM (Next Day)
Enjoy the afternoon on train as it travels the lush green country side before arriving to Chittorgarh.
Chittorgarh Fort is considered as the largest fort of India, built by various Mauriyan rulers during 5th to 8th century period, this fort covers an area of 680 acres. Most of the structures inside the fort premises are in ruins. But a glimpses at this giant abodes of the Rajput rulers still fills one with thrill. Rana Kumbha palace and Padmini Palace in the fort are considered as master pieces of Rajput architecture. Padmini Palace had been the residence of beautiful queen Rani Padmini.
In the year 1313 Alaudhin Khilji after knowing about the beauty of the queen attacked the fort. But the Rani performed Johar (taking her own life by fire). The victory tower was built by Maharana Kumbha in the memory of the victory over the combined armies of Malwa and Gujrat in the 15th Century. This tower is the symbolic identity of Chittorgarh. Sound and light programme at fort.New Arrangement for this Season: -
• Light & Sound show at fort.
• Dinner on Board
04 Saturday Udaipur
Arrival: – 0800 Hrs AM
Departure: – 1530 Hrs
The capital of the Sisodia Maharanas. Spend the day sightseeing at Udaipur. Maharana Udai Singh, laid the foundation for a new kingdom, Udaipur, which is situated at Lake Pichola where the impressive city palace was decorated with the aesthetic and imaginative miniature paintings.
Subsequently the princes built the seemingly floating Island Palace, the royal summer retreat, offering a spectacular view of the lake and surrounding mountains.
New Arrangement for this Season: -
• Break Fast on board
• Visit to Sahelion Ki Bari
• Visit to City Palace
• Lunch at Palace Hotel

Visit to Crystal Gallery-It is a balcony of Fateh Prakash Banquet hall which has a museum of crystal glass furniture, crockery, chandilliers of old time.
Boat Ride and back to train.
05 Sunday Jaisalmer
Arrival: – 0915 Hrs AM
Departure: – 2330 Hrs
Jaisalmer The golden city of Rajasthan has a charm of its own; Rawal Jaisal a Bhati Rajput ruler founded the city in 1156 AD. The western most citadel of the desert, Jaisalmer has an ancient history linked with its development as a trading center. The Bhati Rajput are sole guardians of the city accumulate enough wealth through tax levied on the passing carwans. Jaisalmer is a picturesque belnd of a of beautiful culture and harsh climate conditions. The Sonar Quila Fort, made of yellow sand stone will immediately command your attention here.The city is also known for its old mansion better known as havelis. Patwon Ki Haveli and Nathmalgi Ke Haveli, Salim Singh Ji Ki Haveli most striking architecture a fine blend of ancient and the medieval era. Shopping and lunch at Moomal Hotel. The sweeping sand dunes enjoy the romance of solitude at Kuldhara and your camel takes you deep in the Thar desert. As the sun sets in the rolling golden dunes, the experience is worth it. Watch a cultural performance, followed by a campfire dinner amidst the dunes.New Arrangements for this Season.• Enjoy Rajasthani Food with traditional music.
• Evening Tea, Sun set
• Dinner at Palace Hotel
06 Monday Jodhpur
Arrival: – 0700 Hrs AM
Departure: – 1630 Hrs
Special welcome on arrival and sightseeing of mighty fort followed by lunch at Star hotel.The city best known for its indigo-hued homes and buildings, Jodhpur is the former capital of the Marwar. The Mehrangarh Fort was built by Rao Jodha in 1459 and later his successions also added new structures. The fort is situated on a 120 meters high rocky hill, and is witness to the lavish and royal history of the Rathores.The Fort stands on strong and wide walls, which are 20 to 120 feet high and 12 to 70 feet thick. Its gigantic structure and finely carved intricate sculptures are a treat for the eye.The royal structure boast their own saga of beauty, the Umaid villas display the Rajput miniature paintings and the Ajit villas exhibits musical instruments and royal costumes. Shop for local handicrafts.

Umaid Bhawan Palace is the world’s finest and largest palace. Maharaja Umaid Singh utilized the services of a well known Edwardian architect, Henry Vaughan Manchester for the construction of this palace. There are 347 rooms in the palace that boast of grandness and splendor. The central dome that has become the identity of the palace is 110 feet high. The royal family still lives in a part of the palace, which also houses the old clock museum.

Lunch at 5 Star Hotel. After lunch back to Palace on Wheels, dinner on board.

07 Tuesday Bharatpur
Arrival: – 0500 Hrs AM
Departure: – 0845 Hrs AM
Bharatpur A royal kingdom where the Jats, rather than the Rajputs, ruled. Bharatpur’s Jat History is not too old, with Suraj Mal establishing a firm stronghold in a region contested by both the Rajputs and the Mughals. It is the only fort in the state to have bastions of mud, these proved meritorious because they simply swallowed up the cannon shells not allowing them to impact.The Keoladeo Ghana National Park, one of the finest bird sanctuary in the world, was developed by a royal edict when dykes were created so that water could be canalized for the hunting preserve.Over three hundred species of birds many of them migrant species that come from parts as distant as Siberia and China.

New Arrangement for This season:
• Break Fast on board.
Arrival: – 1100 Hrs
Departure: – 1930 Hrs
Arrival to Agra
A visit to the world’s most well known monument, well worth its fame. The Taj Mahal was built in the memory of his beloved empress by emperor Shah Jahan. This marble mausoleum is the greatest gesture of love known to mankind and is breathtakingly, bewitchingly beautiful. Land for the building of the Taj Mahal in Agra came from the Maharaja of Jaipur and the marble used in its construction was from the mines of Makrana, also in Rajasthan. The precious stones used in its inlay, and the craftsmen employed for the twenty two years its construction took, came not only from India, but from all over the World.New Arrangement for this season.
• Lunch at Palace Hotel.
The Taj Mahal is the perfect finale to your Royal Sojourn.
08 Wednesday Delhi
Arrival: – 0730 Hrs AM
Arrive at Delhi Safdarjung Railway station. Breakfast on board and let the pleasant memories of the past week linger on your mind for a long, long time.

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