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Kolkata, Roing, Pasighat, Along, Daporijo, Ziro, Itanagar, Kaziranga, Bomdila, Tawang, Guwahati

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1 – 2 Kolkata Victoria Memorial, Eden Garden, , Dalhousie Square, Writers Building, Indian Museum and explore local bazaar.
3-4 Roing Boat ride on river Lohit, Roing town, Nehru Van Udyan, Bismaknagar, Idu Mishmi tribal community, Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Kupunli temple, traditional dances. Optional REH FESTIVAL.
5 Pasighat Adi Padam tribe, Pasighat – the oldest town and present headquarter of the East Siang district
6 Along Adi (Minyong) tribal villages, Adi (Gallong) Tribal villages. Tribal museum, Ramakrishna Ashram, Doyni Polo Temple and explore local handicraft market.
7 Daporijo Tribal villages Tapi, Tribin, and Bam, where the houses are artistically built without using nails but only bamboo and cane.
8 – 9 Ziro Nishi and Hill Miri Tribal villages, Ziro inhabited by the Apatani tribal people. Optional: Bori Boot festival of Hillmiri tribe, Tarin Fish Farm and Museum.
10 – 11 Itanagar Itanagar – the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh, visit The Buddhist Gompa, state museum, Ganga Lake a beautiful spot for outings, boating and picnic.
12 – 13 Kaziranga “Kaziranga National Park” world Heritage by UNESCO-Famous for One Horned Rhinos. Jungle Activities – Morning and Evening Jungle Safaris.
14 Bomdila Tipi Orchidarium a glass house with over 7500 Orchids. Bomdila – The tiny town presents a panoramic view of the snow covered peaks and picturesque Kameng valley.
15 – 16 Tawang Tawang – center of the Mahayana Buddhists, Second highest motor-able pass – Sela Pass (14000 feet), Jashwant Garh Indo Chinese War Memorial, Tawang Monastery founded during 17th century A.D. A contemporary of the fifth Dalai Lama, Urgelling Monastery where sixth Dalai Lama was born.
17 Bomdila Panoramic view of the snow covered peaks and picturesque Kameng valley.
18 – 19 Guwahati Tezpur archaeological sites and Guwahati – The Gateway of North East India. Departure

When To Go



** The least explored and arguably most beautiful region of India, an extraordinary
diversity of people and spectacular landscapes make a visit well worth the effort.
** One of the world’s wettest monsoon belts, boasts an astounding array of flora and
fauna, estimated at fifty percent of India’s entire biodiversity.
** Kolkata’s with the British Raj has been highly rewarded in terms of marvelous
Victorian style mansions.
** Drive through very dense a tropical jungle which is a unique experience as few such
places in the world exist. Explore the unique tribal life of North East India
** Guwahati, boasts two of India’s most important ancient temples and is the gateway
to the region, while an encounter with a one-horned rhino in the magnificent
Kaziranga National Park

Arunachal Pradesh is aptly called the “Land of the Rising Sun” because it is the first to greet the sunrise in India. A land of unparalleled grandeur and un-spoilt beauty tucked in the eastern Himalayan range, it is a frontier state of jagged peaks and lush green rainforests. Bounded by Myanmar on the east, Bhutan on the west, China on the north and northeast and Assam to the south, it is the largest state in the northeastern tip of India covering an area of 83,743 sq km. Home to more than 20 major tribes who live off the forests, Arunachal Pradesh even today remains the last great frontier of indigenous culture.

Day 1 Arrive Kolkata


On arrival at Kolkata International airport you will be met by our representative and transferred to Hotel. Rest of the day is free to relax and recover from long flight. Overnight at hotel

Day 2 In Kolkata


Morning after a leisurely breakfast, proceed for city sightseeing tour visiting Victoria Memorial. Inaugurated in 1921, Victoria Memorial was built to commemorate Queen Victoria, the first Empress of India. BBD Bagh, Dalhousie Square, when Kolkata was the administrative centre for British India; BBD (Binoy Badal Dinesh) Bagh was the seat of their power. To the north end stands the immense Writers Building, dating back to 1880, when clerical workers were known as writers. Indian Museum, on a bustling crossroad stands the stately Indian Museum, which is the oldest and the largest museum in India, founded in 1814. The main showpieces in this collection are stone and metal sculptures obtained from sites all over India, which are displayed around a gorgeous Mauryan polished sandstone lion statue, dating back to the third century BC. Rest of the day is free to explore the local bazaar. Overnight at hotel

Day 3 Flight Calcutta/Dibrugarh – Roing (160 Km – 5 Hrs)

After breakfast, transfer to domestic airport for your flight to Dibrugarh. On arrival at Dibrugarh airport you will be met by our pre-arranged Car & driver, and drive to Roing through the tea gardens of Upper Assam and cross the river Lohit by country boat in the backdrop of enchanting Himalayas. Many a time Ganges Dolphin appears in this river to welcome the guest to the land of mystic and mythic. On arrival at Roing, check-in hotel/camping site. Roing is a picturesque town in a valley by the side of the Dibang River. Nehru Van Udyan, a beautiful forest park on the riverbank at Deopani has a well maintained garden and an orchidium. One can see orange orchards on the way from Roing to Bismaknagar, Baily Bridge on Deopani River and tribal villages of the Idu Mishmi community. Overnight at hotel

Day 4 In Roing

After breakfast, explore the Roing. Visit the Nehru Van Udyan and there are two historical ponds in the regions of Itapukhur and Padum Pukhuri. These ponds are also must visit locations, especially during the winter when many lotus flowers bloom in the pond. The Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located near the Mehao lake, around seventeen kilometers away from Roing, is another popular tourist destination along with the cave temple of Kupunli. In the evening, visit some of the villages and join in the traditional dances. Roing is the main venue to attend REH FESTIVAL. Participate in various traditional sports and other entertainment activities and drive to nearby villages and participate in the celebration of the festival. Overnight at hotel

Day 5 Roing – Pasighat (150 Km – 6 Hrs)

After breakfast, drive to Pasighat. An adventurous drive through the forest and riverside. Visit Tribal villages inhabited by Adi Padam tribe en-route to have a glimpse of their tradition and culture. Spend leisure time with the tribals and be a part of their life for a day. Pasighat is the oldest town of Arunachal Pradesh established in 1911 and the present headquarter of the East Siang district. Pasighat is the gateway of Arunachal Pradesh for those who wish to travel to the Siang District or even to unexplored Gelling which is the confluence point of River Sangpo and Siang. We will arrive Pasighat in the evening and check-in at your hotel for overnight stay.

Day 6 Pasighat – Along (150 Kms – 5 Hrs)


After breakfast, drive to Along en-route we will visit the Adi (Minyong) tribal villages. Before independence of India Arunachal had only 01 Adi Tribe but during the time of separation these people created their own communities and the Adis were divided into many sub tribes. Minyong is one of the major sub tribes of Adi and Pangin is one of the largest villages of Adi Minyong People. On our drive we will be passing through very dense a tropical jungle which is a unique experience as few such places in the world exist. Post lunch visit the Adi (Gallong) Tribal villages. At Along there is very good tribal museum to visit, Ramakrishna Ashram, Doyni Polo Temple and a visit to the local market is a must to see and buy the tribal handicrafts. Overnight at hotel

Day 7 Along – Daporijo (160 Km – 6 Hrs)


After breakfast, drive to Daporijo which is another small town to see a very interesting and colorful tribe called The Adis. En-route visit tribal villages Tapi, Tribin and Bam, etc. Houses in these villages are artistically built on the hill slop without using nails but only of bamboo and cane. We are going to spend rest of the day with the tribe – Adis (Gallong). We will explore their unique crafts and culture. Overnight at hotel

Day 8 Daporijo – Ziro (160 Km – 6 Hrs)

After breakfast, drive to Ziro. En-route visit Nishi and Hill Miri Tribal villages like Raga, Tamin and mori. On the way we will make stop to visit some Hill Miri villages and for some villages we have to cross old bamboo suspension bridges. Ziro is a small isolated town which is inhabited by the Apatani tribal people. We will see and explore some of their cultural events and dances performed by them. Bori Boot festival of Hillmiri tribe celebrated at Raga an small town 40km ahead of Ziro, during festival people gather from different villages with traditional attire, sing and dance, priest perform ritual ceremony followed by mithun (Vovine) scarifies for the community feast which ended the festival. Boori Boot festival is a very popular community festival of the Hill Miris of Subansiri, which is celebrated in the last week of the month Lake Polo (February) for three or more days. Overnight at hotel

Day 9 In Ziro

Full day explore Apatani tribal villages, Tarin Fish Farm and Museum. The Apatani are one of most advance and intriguing of Arunachal’s tribal people. This people are both men and women tattoo themselves and the women are distinctive with their great nose plugs (Dat) made of bamboo and face tattoos. The Apatanis grow rice by terrace farming they also have created and indigenous irrigation system which is unique amongst the Arunachal tribals. The Apatani village comprises of long rows of house with a fertility totem in front of each one. In their cooking, they use an indigenous herbal salt that’s rich in iodine. They are living perfect harmony with nature. In the evening witness a traditional cultural program. Overnight at hotel

Day 10 Ziro – Itanagar (216 Km – 8 Hrs)


Leaving Ziro this morning, we will head for Itanagar, the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh is a modern settlement built in the vicinity of the ruin of the 14th century fort old capital. The archaeological remains of this medieval capital comprise of two brick wall ramparts. This is a long drive and we will be passing through dense tropical jungles and tribal villages. The virgin jungle along the road is a wonderful site with their giant trees. This is one of the few areas in the world where these tropical jungles still exist.

Day 11 In Itanagar


After breakfast, visit The Buddhist Gompa of Itanagar – This is a new but beautiful yellow – roofed shrine. It rises from well-unmaintained ground behind a stupo tree planted by His Holiness The Dalai Lama. The ground of the temple offers a beautiful view of the Itanagar Town. We will also visit the state museum which has a very interesting tribal section – their lifestyles, social customs, dances and handicrafts depicted in dioramas. The 6 km drive to the Ganga Lake from Itanagar takes the visitors through some superbly primeval jungles with bamboo groves, orchid masses on tall trees, which are some of the vegetation which can be identified by the interested travelers. Stopping at the base of a hill, one has to take a flight of steps uphill. At the top of the ridge one looks down on a tranquil green forest lake which one has to cross in a row boat. Today, it is a beautiful spot for outings, boating and picnics. In the evening return back to your hotel. Overnight at hotel

Day 12 Itanagar – Kaziranga (260 Kms – 7 Hrs)


After breakfast, drive to Kaziranga. It located on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River in the far North East of India, Assam, covers an area of approximately 430-sq-kms with its swamps and tall thickets of elephant grass making it the ideal habitat for the Indian One-Horned Rhino.(Best time to visit –November to April) Due to limitless poaching of this prehistoric survivor, the Kaziranga National Park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1940 and now accorded World Heritage Status by UNESCO-Famous for One Horned Rhinos. Evening is free at leisure. Overnight at hotel

Day 13 In Kaziranga


Morning and Evening Jungle Safaris. Early morning proceed for an Elephant safari. Breakfast at hotel, and relax & rest at the hotel. In the afternoon again visit the park by jeep to the different range/routes. Later in the afternoon visit to local villages nearer to your hotel. Overnight at hotel

Day 14 Kaziranga – Bomdila (350 Km – 8-9 Hrs)


After early breakfast, drive to Bomdila. En-route visit Tipi Orchidarium, a glass house with over 7500 Orchids. Perched over a wide ridge that straddles a mountain in the Himalayan ranges is the tiny town of Bomdila 8500 ft above sea leve, a lofty heaven on earth. This breathtakingly beautiful town is the headquarters of the west Kameng district in Arunachal Pradesh. The tiny town presents a panoramic view of the snow covered peaks and the picturesque Kameng valley. Overnight at hotel

Day 15 Bomdila – Tawang (185 Km – 7 Hrs)

After breakfast, drive to Tawang, the major center of the Mahayana Buddhists is standing on the spur of a hill over 12000 ft. above the sea level. We drive to Jang to get a breath taking view of waterfalls at Jang. On the way to Tawang lies the world’s second highest motor- able pass – the Sela Pass (14000 feet) which runs through a small ridge and along a placid Lake called the Paradise Lake. Pay homage at the Jashwant Garh Indo Chinese War Memorial. Continue drive to Tawang. We will arrive Tawang by the evening and check-in at hotel for overnight stay.

Day 16 In Tawang


Full day explore Tawang Monastery, founded by Mera Lama Lodre Gyaltso during 17th century A.D. a contemporary of the fifth Dalai Lama. Later walk to Bramdungchung Ani Gomap, which are the adobe of nuns. Brama durng chung ani gompa is the oldest Ani Gompa in the Tawang District. It is situated in the lap of a far off mountain laced with natural scenery. This Ani Gompa is under the administration of Tawang Monastery. Later in the afternoon visit Urgelling Monastery, situated 5km to the south of Tawang Township. It was here in 1683 Tsangyang Gyatso, the sixth Dalai Lama was born later proceed to Monpa village. Overnight at hotel

Day 17 Tawang – Bomdila (185 Km – 7 Hrs)


After breakfast, we drive back to Bomdila following the same route which we have traveled a day before. On arrival check-in hotel. Later in the afternoon we will visit local monastery atop of the hill. The main attraction are Gontse Rabgyaling Monastery (Upper Gonpa), Thub-Chog Gatsel Ling Monastery (Lower Gonpa), Bomdila View Point, R.R Hill Bomdila, Handloom and Textiles Emporium. Overnight at hotel

Day 18 Bomdila – Guwahati (350 Kms –8 Hrs)

After an early breakfast, today is a pretty long drive to Guwahati via Balukpong and visit Tezpur en-route. The Tezpur town abounds in archaeological sites, hills, lakes and gardens. Continue drive to Guwahati. Check-in to hotel. Later in the afternoon explore the local bazaar. Overnight at hotel

Day 19 Flight Guwahati – Kolkata Departure


After a leisurely breakfast, we transfer you to airport for your flight to Kolkata. Upon arrival at Kolkata you will be met and transfer to hotel nearer to airport. Stay at the hotel for the day. Later in the evening you will be transferred to International airport for flight back to home.

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