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Location An island in the Indian Ocean and separated from India by the Palk Strait Capital Colombo
Language Sinhalese (official), Tamil (official) and English
Climate Tropical Climate with little variations in humidity and conditions.
Currency Sri Lankan Rupee (SLR)
Country Code 94
Activities Beach tours, hiking, wildlife tours, diving exercises, mountain hikes, water sports, excursions.
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Sri Lanka is a great place to indulge in some wonderful and refreshing recreational activities that are sure to rejuvenate every fiber of your being. From reveling in the beauty of the lush green tea estates to wandering through the majestic ruins of the temples and palaces, you can really have a wonderful time.

Other activities include mountain hikes, wildlife tours, diving exercises, water sports and so on. In fact, the beaches are so magnificent to behold that just lazing around on one of them can be a wonderful experience.

You will also be able to visit some of its most famous attractions like the Nuwara Eliya hill resort, the cascading waterfalls like the Devon and St Clair’s, the Horton Plains, Sri Pada and so on. Besides, you can go on excursions to some of its historic sites like Mihintale, Dambula and Kandy.

Geographic Details of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small pear shaped country located right at the southern tip of India. It is also known as the “tear drop island” because of the way it looks in the map of the world or Asia. Its geographic co-ordinates are 7 degrees north and 81 degrees east. Its total area is 65,610 square kilometers.

The land area is 64,740 square kilometers and the area covered by water is 870 square kilometers. Its coastline is 1,340 kilometers long and it has no land boundary. The territorial sea of Sri Lanka is 12 nautical miles and its contiguous zone is 24 nautical miles. The exclusive economic zone of Sri Lanka is 200 nautical miles long and its continental shelf is 200 nautical miles.

The terrain of Sri Lanka is primarily flat, ranging from rolling plain to flat. In the interiors of the south central region of Sri Lanka there are the mountains. The highest point in Sri Lanka is Pidurutalagala, which is 2,524 meters long.

How to Reach

Sri Lanka is easily accessible by air from all the major countries in the world. The international airport at Colombo receives direct flights from Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Besides, a huge number of flights from Indian cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Trichy and Thiruvananthapuram also fly to Sri Lanka regularly.