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Flights are the best way to travel to Phillipines or For internal Travel Trains are the cheapest and best option .

Cities in Phillipines

TSI Holidays provides tours to the famous and lesser-known cities in Phillipines that can be customized as stand-alone destination tours as well as multi-city tours in Phillipines. Explore the history, culture, lifestyle, and tourist attractions of each destination in Phillipines with TSI Holidays outbound tours.

Top Destinations in Phillipines

Boracay :
The king of The Philippines’ many beautiful islands, Boracay is dead in the heart of the beaten track, and re-builds itself every off-season to ensure it remains on its lofty ‘must-see island’ perch. You can certainly expect a modern, lively outlook and plenty of sun, sea and sand (and alcohol, should you be so inclined), though more seasoned travelers might feel a little short changed by the relative lack of genuine Philippino culture to be uncovered.

Manila (and more broadly, Metro Manila) is the economic and political heart of the Philippines, home to extensive commerce and some of the most historically and culturally significant landmarks in the country, as well as the seat of the executive and judicial branches of the government. Manila is listed as a global city, containing many scientific and educational institutions, numerous sport facilities, and other culturally and historically significant venues.[8] The city is divided into six legislative districts and consists of sixteen areas

Cebu is the “Queen City of the South” on Cebu Island in the Philippines and is one of the most popular destinations in all of the Philippines for foreign visitors with the busiest sea port in the Philippines and the second largest Air hub. For tourists the island Cebu, its capital Cebu City and the nearby smaller islands have a lot of attractions. Many things to do and to see

Makati City
Makati (or Makati City) lies in the heart of big Metro Manila and is known for its upscale shopping malls home to high fashion brands, restaurants, hotels and affluent Filipinos.

Bohol is the tenth largest island in the Philippines. It is one of the bigger islands in ‘the Visayas’, the group of islands in the center of the Philippines. Bohol is, together with 72 small islands around the main island, an island province of 4117 square kilometer. Agriculture, together with the tourism, are the two dominating economic sectors of the main island Bohol.
Tourist Attactions in Phillipines
Tourist Attactions
The Major Tourist Attractions in Phillipines are Boracay , Taal Volcano , Choclate Hills , San Augustin Church , Rizal Park , Paoay Church , Hundred Island National Park , Manila Ocean Park Taal Lake etc .
There are annual events like Kadayawan Festival , Ninoy Aquino Day , National Heroes Day , Pahiyas Festival , Kasadyaan Festival , Sandugo Festival , Masskara Festival , Higntes Festivals and Giant Lantern Festival