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Location South Asia, sandwiched between the borders of India and China.
Capital Thimphu
Language Dzonkha, English are the official languages
Climate The northern parts of the country are intensely cold, especially in winters. The summers are pleasant. The temperatures in Southern Bhutan are moderate and the climate is pleasant.
Currency Ngultrum. The Indian Rupee is also accepted during transactions.
Country Code 975
Activities Trekking, Mountaineering, Cultural Tours are the main activities for tourists. Limited facilities are available for biking and rafting
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Bhutan is a tiny monarchy sandwiched between its giant neighbors India and China. The landlocked Buddhist state, though poor, is a calm, peaceful state with devoutly religious people. The state is known as a modern Shangri La because of its discouragement of foreign cultural influences and limited number of visitors allowed into the country. However, with the recent opening up of the country, the world is just beginning to recognize the charms of this Himalayan kingdom, with unexplored mountains, virgin forests and little waterfalls dotting the region.

The capital, Thimphu, is considered one of the smallest capital cities in the world. It is the largest and most populated city of Bhutan. All buildings in Thimphu, throughout Bhutan in fact, are built on traditional Bhutanese architectural principles.