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A country that is famous for its stiff upper lip and an obsession with weather, literature, and its past colonial heritage, United Kingdom sure comes across as a surprisingly lively nation. Also renowned world over for its premier universities (Oxford, Eton, Cambridge to name a few), Stonehenge and mysterious crop circles, bridges over River Thames, green meadows and countryside towns belonging to a Jane Austin novel, and cricket and football fanatics that will kick the imagery of English gentlemen right out of the field; United Kingdom is home to the greatest Monarchy the world has ever witnessed.

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You’ll here the song ‘London Bridge is falling down’ churning in your head as you traverse the bridges over River Thames in London. London is a city for the nightwalkers. An urban metropolis, London is famous for its landmark heritage and modern structures – Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, the Parliament, 10 Downing Street, Millennium Dome, Buckingham Palace, Victoria museum and art galleries, parks and narrow elongated homes. Also visit the Windsor Palace in Windsor, home of the monarchs on your stay in London.

Canterbury Cathedral
In this 800-year-old Canterbury town, bombarded to near extinction in WWII, rests the seat of Archbishop of Canterbury – the Canterbury Cathedral. Made famous by the ‘Ghost of Canterbury’ in true English literally style, the Cathedral in Canterbury is a must visit for its fusion architectural style and elaborate work.

A pilgrimage destination for the fans of William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon in the midlands is the home of the Bard. Sightseeing tours include trips to his birthplace, his wife’s cottage (Anne Hathaway), mother’s cottage (Mary Arden), the Holy Trinity Church, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre on the riverbank and the Butterfly farm.

This 13th century university town, Cambridge is run over by students and tourists who visit it for its Trinity College, King’s College, Peterhouse, Fitzwilliam Museum, University’s Museum of Archaeology and Museum of Zoology, The Backs (park along the River Cam famous for punting), American War Cemetery, and Imperial War Museum.