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Srilanka If you are looking for a tropical paradise to escape to during your holidays, Sri Lanka is surely the place for you. Home to some of the most beautiful locales, beaches and some of the most wonderful people on earth, Sri Lanka is truly a dream come true for any tourist. No wonder we can always find people digging for information on Sri Lanka to know it better. This tropical country, besides its rich and beautiful locales and picturesque beauty is also known for its rich history that never fails to mesmerize everyone. TSI Holidays offers tours to some of the most wonderful cities in Sri Lanka that abound in culture, tradition and of course, history. In fact, all the cities in Sri Lanka have their own distinct characters and specialties. Do book a tour to Sri Lanka on the next given opportunity and embark on a journey that would be one of the most fruitful and wonderful vacations of your life.

See the magical attractions of teardrop of India – tropical Sri Lanka that sparkles like a glowing stud on aqua Indian Ocean waters. Also referred to as “the pearl of the orient,” Sri Lanka spells magic, wonder, beauty and charm. Tour this tiny leisure island fragrant with frangipani gardens, exotic hotels and timeless magic with TSI Holidays tour packages.

Visit the attractions of Anuradhapura that served as the capital of the Sinhalese kingdom for more than 1500 years. See historic remains and enjoy splendorous trips to Mihintalle, Buddha Samadhi and Thuparama dagoba. Trek through enchanting tea gardens spread over rolling Kandy hills and travel to local attractions such as Asgiriya monastery, Degaldoruwa temple, the Tooth Relic Temple and more as you see the treasures of Sri Lanka cities with TSI Holidays packages.

Travel to Nuwara Eliya that lies about 2000 meters above the sea level. See the Rock Citadel and gardens of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka on your Sri Lanka cities tour with TSI Holidays tour packages. If you want to know more about the cities in Sri Lanka, you can visit the web links mentioned below.