City Information

Poland is located in the very centre of Europe. With the total area of 312,679 km² (120,728 sq mi) it’s the seventh biggest country on the continent. Polish population is over 38,5 million people. The capital city is Warsaw (around 2 million inhabitants). Poland borders 7 countries: Germany on the west, Czech Republic and Slovakia on the south, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania on the east, and Russia on the north.

1. Capital and largest city (2011 est.): Warsaw, 1.723 million
2. President: Andrzej Duda (2015)
3. Prime Minister: Ewa Kopacz (2014)
4. Land area: 117,571 sq mi (304,509 sq km); total area: 120,728 sq mi (312,685 sq km)
5. Population (2014 est.): 38,346,279 (growth rate: -0.11%); birth rate: 9.77/1000; infant mortality rate: 6.19/1000; life expectancy: 76.65
6. Other large city: Krakow 756,000 (2011)
7. Monetary unit: Zloty