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Once the center of the legendary Roman Empire, Italy still charms you with its old-fashioned ways and frank mannerisms. Italy is also a country that revels in its eccentricities and contradictions best captured in the historic Roman ruins, museums and art galleries, narrow alleys and friendly open-squared piazzas, active volcanoes and quaint streams, plush Riviera and legendary islands, beaches and the Mediterranean Sea, romantic cities on timeless backwaters and canals.

TSI Holidays offers outbound tours to Italy so that you can experience each facet of this charming boot-shaped country on the Mediterranean Sea at your own pace.


Rome Rome
With numerous sightseeing places, Rome can be a handful for tourists and is best seen on an independent tour. The prominent of the countless Roman relics that drape the buildings, squares and fountains in Rome include the Pantheon, Coliseum, The Vatican City (Michelangelo’s Pieta and the Sistine Chapel), Roman Forum, Spanish Steps, Borgese gardens and museum, and Piazza Navona.

To catch a panoramic view of the city, visit the Palatine Hill. For shopping go to the Via Condotti streets of Rome. For luck, toss a coin in the magnificent Trevi Fountain. And for leisure or romantic evenings, take a stroll around the Campo de’ Fiore.

For a complete and hurried taste of the Italian culture, tour Florence with TSI Holidays outbound packages to Italy. Sightseeing tours in Florence revolve around Duomo (the main church) that also offers a spectacular view of the city, baptistery, Michelangelo’s David, Uffitzi Museum (renaissance art), Ponte Vecchio, tomb of Michelangelo at Santa Maria Croche, and Piazza della Michelangelo. And yes, without a walk about the Arno River, its bridges and sights, your holiday in Florence is incomplete.

A city built on the canals and lagoons has inspired many poets and challenged many artists. A city for the romantics, Venice has some awe-inspiring sightseeing treats on offer. Get acquainted with the charming people of Venice in the central square Piazza San Marco. The sculptures and mosaics of Basilica di San Marco, Cruise down the grand canal, Accademia and Guggenheim art galleries and the Rialto Bridge bring you closer to cultural and artistic heritage of Venice, Italy. Shopping at the up market areas of San Zaccaria and the Mercerie or prodding through the archaic Rialto Fish and Produce Market are other attractions of Venice.