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Indonesia (formally known as Republic of Indonesia) is the biggest archipelagic nation in the world and is a part of the Malay Archipelago. The country consists of 17,508 islands. It is the third largest democracy in the World after India and USA and is the fourth most populated nation. Surrounded by two mighty oceans, the islands of Indonesia rise from some of the deepest points in the earth to the snow capped mountains and volcanoes of the Jayawijaya mountain range in Irian Jaya. The country is perhaps an ideal holiday destination if you wish to spend a nice and charming vacation in the lap of nature amidst scenic beauty. The tourist attractions in Indonesia are a blend of scenic beauty and modern amenities to gift you a great traveling experience.

A land of scenic beauty, Indonesia is home to dense forests, volcanoes, alluring beaches, splendid natural surroundings which attract thousands of tourists all over the year. Foreigners who wish to experience the culture of Asia will also be charmed by the rich tradition and culture of this country. Some of the spectacular Indonesia tourist attractions consist of superb temples, huge mosques, museums and other cultural relics.
The capital city of the country, Jakarta is home to the Merdeka Square, The National Monument towers, The Central Museum, Portuguese Church, Istiqlal Mosque etc. The antiques market in Jalan Surabaya and batik factories in the Karet region are ideal shopping hot spots.

Bali is a tropical paradise and is famous for its verdant jungle and mountains and stunning white beaches. The place also draws tourists for its crafts and adventurous activities, all of which can be seen on the southern beaches.

Ranking among the newest holiday destinations, Batam Island is located 20 kilometers away from Singapore. Like its sister island, Bintan, Batam is famous for its scenic beauty and idyllic charm and is home to long beaches, clear waters and so on. The island is also preferred among international travelers for a wide range of water sports and golf courses. Unlike, Bintan, Batam is home to a host of accommodation and lodging facilities ranging from motels in the town to the country chalets by the beach. The easy availability of lodging facilities has increased the inflow of independent travelers and backpackers who wish to travel on their own.

Batam is also a duty-free haven and this has led to the retail boom in the main town of Nagoya. Nagoya is home to a wide range of shops and stores which sell anything from spirits to electronics at cutthroat prices. Then there is the Batam Centre, which is like the Singapore’s Orchard Road. The largest shopping center named Matahari is located here and also other amenities like banks, atms and others.

Bintan Island, Indonesia
The largest island in the Riau Archipelago, Bintan is spread over an area of 1,140 square kilometers. The island is named in old Chinese as a “Memory of a Dream” and the name perhaps seems apt due to its beauty. The island is famous for its rambling green vegetation and sleepy villages, long dust covered roads, mangrove swamps, and the beautiful kelong or fishing villages that are built on stilts on the water. Bintan Island is slowly becoming a major tourist hub and is getting a new look!