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City Information

Greece is one of the world’s most popular destinations with ancient and modern attractions such as museums of the ancient and Byzantine eras and archaeological sites and cities, all of them historical monuments which have inspired modern education and culture around the world.

Geography: Greece, officially known as The Hellenic Republic, is the southernmost country on the European mainland. With an area of 131.940 square kilometers,

Population: 11.304.000 (2011 – census)

Greece’s capital city, Athens, (population: 3,074,160) is also its largest, and is served by Piraeus, which is the country’s main port.

Religion: Most Greeks belong to the Greek Orthodox Church, which is governed by a synod of metropolitan bishops, presided over by the Archbishop of Athens.

Climate: The climate in Greece is typically Mediterranean with warm and dry summers and mild winters.

Currency: EURO is the official currency.

Language: Greek is the official language. Most Greeks speak English as a foreign language.

Time: Greece is in the GMT+2 time zone.

Tipping: Tipping is not compulsory but is quite usual in Greece