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France has become a leading holiday destination for tourists looking for romance, variety and excitement. While the cities provide a glimpse of the urban France, it is the countryside that reveals the true character of French men and woman.

From the towering Alps and Pyrenees Range, to the river valleys of Loire, Rhone and Dordogne; from the farmlands in Normandy to the beaches in Nice; to the Basque culture in Bordeaux to the churches in lesser-known villages en route; from the rugged cliffs on the Atlantic coast to the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea; from delectable French cuisine to the trips to the wineries. TSI Holidays outbound tour packages offer the best of France at your doorsteps.
The eternal city for romantics, Paris has become the face of French cultural experience. Here, you can roam the entire city on foot and not a soul would disturb you. That is except the cheesy pick-up line guys. Beyond the French bread, the wines, the open-air café, the museums and galleries (Louvre Museum), the Eiffel Tower, and a performance at the Moulin Rouge, Paris is a place to call home. For souvenirs, take the landscapes painted by local artists that can be easily spotted along the canal, just like all the tourist attractions.

Visit this quiet town in France for its Roman remains, narrow alleys, terraced brasseries, frequent yet intimate squares, and olive groves and vineyards.

Tour Cannes in May and attend one of the most prestigious and glamorous Film Festivals in the world – the Cannes Film Festival. With numerous boutique hotels, classy restaurants, and popular beaches, Cannes is a summer holiday destination that few pass over.

Hiking in the summer through the deep glacier-cut valleys covered in shrubs and flowers, or skiing through the settled snow that falls on Mt Blanc are the reasons that make Chamonix (a valley in the French Alps) a tourist destination.