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The snow-capped Alps perfect for winter sports have made Austria a summer destination for millions of fans of snow and sports. Austria’s rich cultural, intellectual and musical heritage, along with its scenic location, still exercises its charms over the unsuspecting tourists.

Austria is a small nation with a big heart. Be it snow-bound splendor of Innsbruck, the musical heritage of Salzburg, or the political powers of Vienna, the capital of Austria and the headquarters of UN and Red Cross, Austria enjoys a free and festive spirit with panache.

TSI Holidays outbound packages to Austria offer you a chance to create your on Sound of Music amidst the gorgeous green valleys, snow-peaked Alps, forts and palaces, lakes and meadows, churches and monasteries that make Austria such a wonderful place to tour and live in.
Long before it became the seat of political power in the Republic of Austria, Vienna had been proclaimed as the cultural capital of Europe. Now the official capital city of Austria, Vienna has provided inspiration to great musicians (Mozart, Beethoven, Ludwig, Falco and Hayden), intellectuals (Freud) and artists. Sightseeing tours of Vienna will take you to some of the oldest architectural fossils in Austria.

Travel to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Ringstrasse, and Schloss Schönbrunn (Habsburgs residence with parks, palm house, butterfly house and a zoo). Attendance at least one theatrical performance, art exhibition or musical concert is mandatory on your tour to Vienna with TSI Holidays packages.

With its mild weather, accentuated by the surrounding woods (Wienerwald), Vienna welcomes holidaymakers and honeymooners alike.

Get a taste of the taste of post war Austria with the narrow alleys, colorful homes, castles, palaces and forts, gardens, churches and monasteries. Famous as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, sightseeing tours of Salzburg, Austria, include trips to Hohensalzburg Fortress (900 year old medieval era fortress), St. Sebastian (Gothic style Church cum cemetery), and Mozart Memorial.

Literally meaning a bridge over the river Inn, Innsbruck Valley in the Austrian Alps is an international tourist destination for winter sports. The place of choice for snowboarding in the entire continent, Inns valley has been host to Winter Olympics two times in the seventies.