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Tourist Attractions in Macau

Tourist Attractions in Macau Celebrated as a remarkable destination of Asia, sightseeing in Macau offers you ample scope for visiting some exclusive attractions and experience the recreational opportunities. Starting from the historic sites and museums to Cathedrals, amazing theme park and hill forts, Macau has everything to offer. Pine-fringed beaches and dazzling casinos are integral to Macau sightseeing tour ensuring a perfect pleasure trip.

Macau Peninsular
Macau comprises the outlying islands of Taipa and Coloane. Covering an area of 8.5 km▓, the peninsula is connected to Mainland China at the northeast, through an isthmus. At the south, the peninsula is linked with Taipa Island by three bridges. There is a western Inner Harbour and eastern Outer Habour. Guia Hill, at a height of 93-meter is the highest point on the peninsula. Popular sightseeing places are spread all over the Macau Peninsular.

The Central Part
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, also known as San Ma Lo among the natives is the central hub of Macau. The avenue stretches from Avenida da Praia Grande to the Inner Harbour which is less than a mile away. Largo do Senado, Main Square, and several shopping hubs are located in this part of the city.

The Monte Fort,
Macau is known for its forts and Monte Fort is one of the best-preserved forts in Macau visible from the main square and the Ruins of St. Paul's. Walking northward along St. Paul's Street will lead you to the fašade of St. Paul's Church touched with elegant embossments that illustrate Bible stories. Behind the relics of the church is the underground tomb where you find the remains of Catholic martyrs. You cannot miss the Museum of Macau situated to the right of the ruins which exhibits historical items. Camoes Garden and Grotto is a memorial garden northwest of the St. Paul's Ruin, dedicated to Portuguese poet Louis de Camoes. This garden residence reflects both Chinese and Western architectural styles.

The Eastern Part
Traveling to the eastern part of the city will let you encounter Guia Hill, the highest point of Macau. Guia Fort and Guia Lighthouse are perched on Guja Hill. Guia Fort is the second largest fort in the city while the Lighthouse is the first of its kind in the China's coastal area. You get a splendid view of the city and seascapes from the highland. There is a walkway around the hill which is perfect place for relaxation and exercise. The path leads to Flora Garden. A cable car trail is also available for you if you are not keen on walking.

Southern Part - Outer Harbor
The city's southern part near the Outer Harbor has been reclaimed from the sea and hence is a newly-developed area. Most of the tourist attractions here are modern. You can visit the Art Museum which has fascinating exhibitions of porcelain works, paintings, Chinese traditional calligraphy, and modern art works. The Macau Wine Museum and the Grand Prix Museum are also located here. The Macau Art Center is also here where you can enjoy ceremonial concerts and events.

In the town is the Tam Kung Miu temple. It is dedicated to the Taoist god of seafarers, Tam Kung. The temple features a gracefully decorated whalebone dragon boat. To know about the rich fauna and flora and the geographical nature of the outlying islands, visit the Museum of Nature & Agriculture. You can also see a collection of agricultural artifacts and implements like mill wheels and items used in milling. It also describes the various methods of farming.

Visit the notable scenic spots in Macau like the Kun Iam Temple. It is one of the three most famous temples in the city. It is also a historic site as the first Sino-America treaty was signed here in 1844. Another famous temple is Lin Fung Temple where the campaign against opium was organized by the national hero, Lin Zexu. The city also has Sun Yat-Sen Park which is one of the forty-three Sun Yat-Sen Parks in the world.

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