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Celebrations in India

Janmashtami CelebrationsCelebrations in India,is equally diverse and multifaceted as compared to its multi-cultural population. This multi-lingual abode is known for its frequent indulgence in celebrations. As the country is tagged as a cosmopolitan society, you will always find some section of the population celebrating the spirit of festivity. At whatever time of the year you come, you are sure to witness one or two celebrations taking place at different parts of the country. This fun loving country never prefers to compromise their celebrations in exchange of anything. Celebrations in India are generally categorized by regions and religions.

Some of the major celebrations in India,which are celebrated throughout the country are, Republic Day(26th January),Independence Day(15th August),Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October,celebrating the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi,etc. Apart from these celebrations, some other notable celebrations of India are,New Year's day, Eid ul-Azha.Good Friday, Christmas,New Year per Hindu Solar calendar. Some of the major religious celebrations celebrated with lots of devotion are,Ram Navami(Birthday of Lord Rama), Buddha Purnima, birthday of Buddha, Krishna Janmashtami/Gokulashtami(Celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna),Vinayaka (Ganesha) Chathurthi( the birth of Lord Ganesha). In your tour itineraries India,you may get a chance to witness these celebrations and find a large number of devotees celebrating. Lot of money is spent while enjoying these celebrations.

Celebrations in India,call for a whole hearted participation of people of all ages. The country's major percentage of population are dedicated towards their celebrations and give their full effort to celebrate them with grandeur and lavishness. The naives of this country are noted for their taste of celebrating. In your trip to India you will be astonished to see,how people try to enjoy to their fullest during these celebrations,without bothering much about the expenditure. There is absolutely no discrimination among the people,which allows every body to take part in each other celebrations. To see the cultural richness and get the insight of the tradition of this society,then it will be wise to witness the celebrations in India Apart from the Fairs & Festivals of India, these major celebrations are no less worthy. This country has all the elements to give you the taste of celebration and tempt you to celebrate them with utmost pleasure.

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